Secrets Manager

Store and keep secure all your secrets


Beetle keeps all your secrets in one place, stored securely and available on all your devices. Only you can access them.

Beetle works perfectly when you are offline or with low connectivity, and when you get to a better connection place Beetle synchronises automatically for you.

Maximum security is enforced, however we make use of native technologies that you are already familiar with, like Face ID and Touch ID provided by Apple, so that you don't have to handle SMS or any other means of two factor authentication.



We don't believe in subscriptions, we want you to be owner of your content and of the app, and not having to keep paying for it in order to be able to keep using it. Wether you buy any of the In-App Purchases or not you will always be able to access your secrets.


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iOS and watchOS

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Download on the App Store


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Privacy policy

This app is not tracking you in anyway, nor sharing any information from you with no one, we are also not storing any data concerning you.

We make use of Apple's iCloud to synchronise your data across your own devices, but no one other than you, not us nor even Apple can access your data.

If you allow notifications these are going to be displayed only for giving feedback on actions you take while using the app, we don't want to contact you in anyway and specifically we don't want to send you Push Notifications.

Whatever you do with this app is up to you and we don't want to know about it.